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How To Master Restaurant Bookkeeping in Five Steps – 1on1

How To Master Restaurant Bookkeeping in Five Steps

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In some ways, it’s how you measure the customer service and sales performance. Most people that work in the front of the house in a NYC restaurant make a significant amount of their total income from tips. Many times, more so in casual restaurants, waiters and bartenders can be tipped directly from the customer they served. These tips normally come in the form of actual cash left or an added payment onto a check via a debit or credit card charge. These employees may then share or give a portion of their tips or gratuities to food runners, bussers, hosts or other staff members that contributed time and effort during the shift. Aside from keeping you informed of the big picture, accounting solutions help automate daily tasks within the accounting process.

  • For your gross profit, you’re going to subtract total expenses from total sales.
  • Our team is composed of award winning chefs, operations veterans, technology experts and accounting professionals who share a common love for food and a desire to deliver excellent products and services.
  • Using a bookkeeping software system will help you categorize and automatically reconcile the transactions imported from your POS system and manage your payroll.
  • Getting your financials right can actually help your business deliver on that very passion that motivates you in the first place.
  • With the ability to slice, dice, and drill into that historical data, you can identify underlying trends in different datasets.

So here are the essentials of restaurant accounting and bookkeeping when it comes to reports, processes, and KPIs. Bookkeepers are more task-based and manage accounts payable, payroll, and posting journal entries. While you won’t leave this article a chartered accountant, we’ll give you the language you need to work with accountants and with restaurant accounting software. In other words, we’ll help you talk the talk, but you’ll still need someone to walk with.

When to hire an accountant for your restaurant

If you’re monitoring these figures on a weekly basis, you can patch any cost leaks without incurring too many damages. To miskey numbers how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant when you’re entering row upon row of data is also human. So is failing to recognize meal discounts or mis-logging sales as revenue.

Cost of goods sold is a KPI that indicates how well you’re pricing your products and controlling your inventory. CoGS represents the actual cost of food and beverage used to produce your food and beverage sales. By keeping tabs on your CoGS ratio, you can take action to reduce and contain your inventory costs. You and your accountant can use your P&L to review the total revenue and expenses of your business over a period of time.






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